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Institution: University of Lodz, Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection,

Department of Invertebrate Zoology & Hydrobiology

Position: postdoctoral position (scientific adjunct)

Form of Employment:  full time employment

Employment Time: two years (with the possibility to extend for 6 month)

Head: Prof. Magdalena Błażewicz

Domain: Life Sciences

Discipline: Biology

Posted: 9.05.2020 

Expires: 30.06.2020 

Website: www.uni.lodz.pl


The applications should be sent on following postal address or e-mail(s):

Department of Invertebrate Zoology & Hydrobiology;

Faculty of Biology and Environmental; Protection; University of Lodz

12/16 Banacha; 90-237 Łódź, Poland

Contact phone: (+48) 42 635 44 40; e-mail: magdalena.blazewicz@biol.uni.lodz.pl

Key words: competition on adjunct position, post-doc, invertebrate zoology, Peracarida, taxonomy, ecology.

Description: The applicant for this position shall meet the requirements of art. 109 of the Higher Education Act of 27 July 2005 (Dz. U. No. 164, item 1365, as amended) subsequently modified by the Act of 18 March 2011 changing the Higher Education Act, the Act on academic degrees and academic title and degrees and title in art, as well as some other acts (Dz. U. No. 84, item 455), in its wording as of 1 October 2011.

Main expectation from the Applicant :

  • PhD degree in the field of biology, discipline of biology or ecology.
  • experience in field of marine biology supported by publications from JCR database, at least 5 publications (JCR).

Other requirements:

  • knowledge in taxonomy, systematics and ecology of peracarid crustaceans;
  • demonstrated ability in applying statistical methods in biology;
  • international experience in scientific work (e.g. internships/scholarships abroad);
  • high motivation for interdisciplinary research;
  • excellent communication skills;
  • ability to work independently as well as within a research group;
  • good skills in English language.

The applicant should submit the application for employment addressed to His Magnificence Rector of the University of Lodz, together with the following documents:

  • personal data form,
  • CV,
  • a copy of the Master’s diploma,
  • a copy of PhD diploma
  • a statement (on a special form available at the Personnel Department, University of Lodz) that the applicant meets the requirements of art. 109 item 1 of the Act and a declaration that the University of Lodz will be the applicant’s primary place of employment in the meaning of the Act,

Final results – 15.07.2020 r. 

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